You Do Not Have to Suffer with Endometriosis If You Find the Right Treatment

Endometriosis is a condition where the tissues that line the uterus end up on the outside of the uterus, including in areas such as the fallopian tubes and the ovaries. Because this happens, having periods can be extremely painful; fortunately, there are things that a doctor can do to help with this condition so that you can finally get your life back. Approximately 10% of all women suffer with endometriosis and it usually happens in four stages that range from minimal to severe. If you are having very painful periods and don’t know why, it is smart to see a doctor immediately because endometriosis can be treated using a number of techniques. The sooner you visit a doctor, the sooner you’ll start to feel better.

It Isn’t Always Easy to Recognise

Painful periods can mean that any number of things are wrong but endometriosis also usually involves heavy periods, lower back pain, bloating, fatigue, and even painful intercourse or urination. Only a doctor can diagnose this condition so it is best to schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible if any of these symptoms are present. Fortunately, when it comes to top-notch endometriosis treatment in Singapore, you have several options, and these include:

  • Prescription medications. This include NSAIDS and certain painkillers that relieve many of your symptoms. This is usually recommended for young women of childbearing age and it is the first course of treatment usually offered.
  • Hormonal therapy. This type of treatment slows down the growth of the tissue and prevents more from occurring. Hormonal treatments can include everything from birth control pills to injections but they are usually not recommended for women who plan to become pregnant any time soon.
  • Surgical options. These options usually include two main types: conservative and definitive. Conservative treatments include removal of the tissue itself, which still allows women to have children later on, while definitive surgeries such as hysterectomies are often recommended for women whose childbearing years are complete.

Once again, your doctor can help you determine which option is best for you after deciding for certain that you indeed have endometriosis.

You Can Feel Better Again Quickly

Regardless of the method the doctor recommends for you, it is good to know that you can be feeling much better again very soon. Furthermore, since newer and better treatment options are becoming available all the time, your doctor may very well recommend something you’ve never heard of as well as a combination of treatments so that your condition is treated properly. Endometriosis is never fun; however, it affects women in all age ranges so if you are having any of the symptoms associated with this condition, it is important to see a doctor right away. Although no one knows for sure what causes endometriosis, it is thought to be caused by the backflow of blood during menstruation. It is uncertain why some women develop the condition and others don’t but the good news is that if you are diagnosed with endometriosis, there is now something that you can do about it.

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