A Complete Guide to Cannabis for Everyone

Cannabis is also known as marijuana used worldwide in the treatment of various medical conditions. It is a fast growing and flowering plant native to Indian subcontinent and Asia. Earlier, it was cultivated to be used in spiritual and textile industries. Now, it is grown in every continent and used all over the world. Marijuana has been a legalized drug to cure diseases like cancer, AIDS/HIV, depression and various others. It is great source of cannabinoids CBD and THC. It has been studied that more than 100 chemicals are found in cannabis, which serve different purposes potentially.

Availability of cannabis

You will be amazed to know that it is available in different forms such as dried buds, which can be consumed in a bong, joint, vaporizer and pipe. The resin of cannabis can also be extracted to make dabs, hashish, oils and tinctures. Oil can be used to make edible products including pot brownies and classic space cake.

Earlier, these products were prohibited in most part of the globe. With the efforts and reports favoring the consumption, it is now available to be used as candies, THC sodas and gummies. These products are even available on the internet as various manufacturers make them available through their official websites. You need to be aware of cannabis education before buying any of these products.

Effects of cannabis

Since it is available in different forms, you should know how it affects the human body. If you take it as smoking, the effects start within 10 minutes only. It reaches its peak between 15-30 minutes after that it starts to diminish in next one-two hours.

For edible cannabis, the effects may start from 15-30 minutes after the intake, which may last up to 4-5 hours and maximum eight hours. It is highly recommended to eat something before taking this product. Moreover, the first timer must start from 5 mg and the experienced one can take up to 20 mg of the product. However, it is a good idea to start as low as possible.

The negative effects of cannabis may include panic attacks, memory loss, confusion and depersonalization. Some people also experience dry cottonmouth, nausea, bloodshot eyes and sometimes increase in appetite. If you are planning to consume it in any form, you should discuss with your health care practitioner. He can make you aware of any significant side effects well in advance. You should find a reliable seller on the internet to buy any of these products.