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If weed stems are all that is left in your weed bowl, then you’ve taken all the good stuff already. As tempting as it can be to smoke the leftover stems, it can be a gray area for starters. For

Health Insurance for NRIs

You can be considered as a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) on two grounds. Firstly, if you reside for less than 182 days in India during the financial year and your total taxable income is below INR 15 lakh, you are classified

Pros of TMS therapy Seattle

Are you planning to start TSM (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy? Then this is the best move since this process has a lot of pros. For instance, TMS therapy Seattle is ideal for depression treatment. This is because it is not

The benefits of gratitude

Gratitude is the simple practice of being thankful. This little gesture is great in its impact as it not only benefits your physical and mental health, but plays an important role in your social relationships, emotional health and productivity. Following

Good vision is key to the development of fine motor skills and perceptual abilities among children. In fact, 80% of learning also takes place through reading and writing. Not paying attention to eye complications can lead to vision impairment, loss,