Why to Go for a Comprehensive Health Screening

The old saying goes that what you don’t know won’t hurt you, and while in many cases this may ring true, it certainly does not apply to your health. Even those who are feeling fit, heathy and full of energy have been known to be slapped with the news that they had a potentially fatal illness brewing under the surface all along, which is why you can never be too careful. Discovering problems early on is almost invariably the best way to ensure that treatment is made possible, which is why comprehensive health check ups are such an important factor when it comes to your wellbeing. Rather than waiting for debilitating symptoms or an earth-shaking heart-attack to occur, regular check ups can highlight problems early and allow you to change your ways or get treatment before it is too late.

Making the Time

It can be difficult to fit a health-screening into your busy schedule when you are not being pressed by painful or worrying symptoms, but this should not prevent you from having it done. By making an appointment with a private screening clinic, you are likely to be able to get a more flexible and convenient timeslot than seeing your regular doctor. If you are looking for comprehensive health screening in Singapore, then there are great facilities available who will be able to provide thorough and efficient check-ups.

What Will Be Tested?

When you go for a comprehensive health screening, you will be thoroughly quizzed on your habits and your medical history, and risks from things like hereditary problems will be scrutinized. You will have a full doctor’s consultation and a physical examination that will assess all aspects of your physical health. Your body mass index will be calculated along with your blood pressure and x-ray imaging will be carried out to identify any abnormalities. On top of this, you will undergo a number of laboratory tests to assess for diabetes, bone strength, cardiac risk, cancer and more. Your vital organs like your liver will also be analysed carefully.

The Results

For many tests you will be able to receive results on the spot and you will be given a full health report at the close of your session. In some cases, further tests may be needed for which you will receive results later down the line. Your doctor will be able to pinpoint any immediate concerns and assess whether treatment is needed or whether there is anything you can change in your lifestyle to remedy the issues. You may be advised on the best dietary or exercise course to take, alongside being advised on anything in particular you should avoid or seek out. Even if only small issues are found, combatting them in these early stages can be crucial to preventing them from growing into a larger health concern later down the line.

Book an Appointment Today!

No matter your age or fitness level, a comprehensive health check-up is sure to be a beneficial experience that is well-worth making the time for. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today!