Understanding the Working of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

You may have attempted to remove unwanted hair. The attempts would be continuous leaving you with nicks, bumps and burns. You may suffer the aggravation of repeated shaving, waxing or tweezing. It may drive you crazy at times. In that scenario, epilation laser duet might be an option worth considering.

Understanding laser hair removal treatment

Laser Plus is a medical procedure for unwanted hair removal. It has become the most common cosmetic procedure performed in various nations.

Working of laser hair removal process

The process makes use of highly concentrated light beams to penetrate into the hair follicles. The light would then be absorbed by pigment in the hair follicles. It would destroy the hair within the follicle that would inhibit future hair growth. Although, the treatment would slow the hair growth effectively, it does not guarantee permanent hair removal. The process would typically take several treatments for providing relief from unwanted hair. However, you would be required to undergo periodic maintenance treatments.

Several types of developed lasers could be used for the treatment. The doctor would be able to guide you with suitable treatment for your needs.

Is the laser hair removal safe?

The laser hair removal process has been primarily used for removing unwanted hair from the face, legs, underarms, upper lip & chin and bikini line. Lasers could selectively target hairs with great precision. They would leave the surrounding skin undamaged. Each pulse of the laser would take only a fraction of a second for treating several hairs simultaneously. Although, it has been deemed possible to treat unwanted hair in nearly any area, the laser hair removal may not be recommended for the eyelid or surrounding area. The major reason would be the possibility of severe eye injury.

Results of the laser treatment

The results would vary largely from one person to another. As hair re-growth has been deemed possible, several treatments might be needed to prolong the duration of hair loss. For best results, you should look forward to almost four to six treatments spaced couple of weeks apart. It would be pertinent to mention here that additional periodic maintenance treatments once every six to twelve months may be deemed necessary.

Cost of laser hair removal treatment

The cost of laser hair removal treatment would largely depend on aspects such as size of area being treated, duration for treatment, number of requisite treatments, who performs the treatment and where you are having the treatment.

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