Understanding Your Otoplasty Recovery Timeline

Otoplasty has helped countless people with issues surrounding misshapen ears or ears that stick out too much.

An otoplasty procedure can completely change the appearance of your face but before you can enjoy the results of your surgery, you will need time to recover.

What to expect during your otoplasty recovery

The average patient will require 6 weeks to fully recover from their ear surgery but will start seeing significant improvements after about 2 weeks.

This is what you can expect after your surgery.

The First 24 Hours: There will be some swelling around your ears and you will experience some pain. You will more than likely also be wearing a compression garment that will protect your ears. Your doctor will also prescribe an antibiotic and some painkillers that you can use during your recovery.

1 – 7 Days: You will need to wear your recovery headband all day for the first few days after your surgery. After 2 – 3 days, most of the worst swelling and pain will have subsided.

1 – 2 Weeks: Most patients will be able to return to school or work and even more of the swelling will have subsided. You will, however, still need to wear your headband in the evenings to protect your ears.

3 Months: Most of your swelling will now have disappeared but it’s still important to schedule follow up appointments at the Dr Zurek otoplasty clinic so that your recovery and results can be tracked.

12 Months: Your ears should be completely healed after a year but this will vary from patient to patient. Your age, health and the specific details of your surgery all play a role in how quickly you will recover.

Otoplasty recovery tips

Here are some additional tips that will help you during your recovery.

1 Day After Your Procedure

Once you arrive home after your surgery, it’s best to stay in bed for at least 24 hours. It’s also important to keep your head elevated to reduce any swelling. In terms of sleeping, you will need to avoid sleeping on your side to prevent your ears from getting damaged.

The First Two Weeks

You will need to wear your recovery headband for at least a week but your surgeon may recommend you wear it for longer. It’s very important to wear your headband as prescribed by the Dr Zurek otoplasty clinic if you want to see the results you’re hoping for. You will still need to sleep on your back during this time to protect your ears.

The Next Six Weeks

Keep wearing your headband in the evenings for the next 6 weeks to give your ears that extra support and protection but you can try sleeping on your side every now and then if you want to.

Four Months After Your Surgery

Your ears should be mostly healed at this stage so you should be able to sleep in your favourite position again.

Just remember to follow your surgeon’s specific instructions and you will be well on your way to a speedy recovery.

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