Things to Consider When Purchasing a Stairlift

If conventional stairs have become a struggle for you, the stairlift is a reliable choice. This is because a stairlift is a convenient and safe way of going up and down the stairs. In addition, it’s a much more secure option for people with limited mobility. In simpler words, it helps restore the independence for people who cannot use stairs, but there are various things to consider when purchasing the stairlift to yield valuable outcomes.


First of all, it is essential to choose a reliable brand for purchasing the stairlift because they have various models to meet your needs. In addition, reliable companies focus on reliability, safety, and quality to ensure you get the value for your money, and there is a lesser need for maintenance and repairs. Similarly, you must visit the company’s office as they often have different stairlifts installed as a sample, so you can check the performance. Moreover, a reliable company also offers professional installation services, onsite evaluation, and robust customer support.

Curved Versus Straight Stairlifts

The straight stairlifts are usually attached to the staircase’s railing along a straight line. On the other hand, a curved stairlift is utilised for the staircases that have a curve or turn, which changes the direction and has an intermediate landing. So, you have to choose between curved and straight stairlifts depending on your staircase.

Outdoor or Indoor Application

The stairlift can be installed outdoors as well as indoors, so you have to consider where it needs to be installed. This is because if you have to install the staircase outside, it should have a weatherproof cover and resistance to different climatic conditions.

Used or New Stairlifts

Before you purchase a stairlift, it’s important to discuss used and new stairlifts with a stairlift engineer in Market Harborough to determine the right option. For instance, the used stairlifts are sold after in-depth inspection and rigorous testing, and the stairlift companies also offer refurbishment processes for used stairlifts to ensure the safety standards are met. Still, a stairlift engineer will be able to help select the right stairlift that meets your requirements.

Weight Capacity

This is one of the most important things to discuss when purchasing a stairlift. Generally, the stairlifts have a weight capacity ranging from 250 pounds to 600 pounds. Keep in mind that a stairlift with less maximum weight capacity has slow climbing if a heavy user is using it. For this reason, you have to consider the intended user to select the stairlift with sufficient weight capacity.

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