Prepare for Your First Muay Thai Class

Taking on a new sport is an exciting adventure. It tests you physically and mentally. Once you have discovered Muay Thai, you may wonder what a class will be like. Will it be too difficult? Am I too old? Am I too out of shape? Everyone was once new to the sport. Whether someone starts at 13 or 50, an instructor conducts beginner Muay Thai classes knowing the participants are new. The instructors will not expect you to be an experienced fighter. They will not expect you to know all the terms and what they mean. Instructors are there to help you grow and learn.

What Drives You?

If you are the type of person who likes to prepare, you may wonder how you can best prepare for your first Muay Thai class. Before you start preparing, you should ask yourself: what are your goals? What do you expect to learn? What will keep you from giving up? Starting a new, physically challenging task is difficult. Defining your overall goals will prevent you from quitting when tasks become challenging. Although Muay Thai is physically challenging, it is also extremely mentally exhausting. When you feel like giving up, you will want to remember your goals for motivation.

What Do You Know About Muay Thai?

Some beginners find it useful to research Muay Thai before they attend their first class. It can be helpful to brush up on terms. What does an instructor call a kick? Is it called a “kick” or something else? What types of basic techniques will you be learning? There are many free resources available on the internet that will explain the terms. You will feel more confident walking in on your first day after familiarising yourself with the lingo.

Instructors teaching beginner Muay Thai classes in Reading do not expect you to know everything about the sport. During the first class, instructors will tell you what to expect, what they expect, and help you gain a better understanding of the new terminology.

What Will You Wear?

Martial arts such as Muay Thai require clothing that allows you to move freely. You should not wear jeans, jewellery, or dress shoes. You can ask the gym what other people wear. You will want to wear clothes you can move and work out in. You should wear comfortable footwear such as sneakers. Muay Thai is an intensive workout and you will burn a lot of calories. Clothes such as gym shorts, T-shirts, and comfortable exercise pants are all acceptable kinds of clothing.

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