Popular Cosmetic Treatments to Enhance your Appearance

Technology has given us many benefits and will continue to do so, and for those who wish to enhance their appearance, there are non-invasive plastic surgery treatments available from state-of-the-art clinics located in Bangkok, Thailand. Such is their skill and precision, these plastic surgeons can deliver the desired results, with minimal scarring. Here are a few of the more popular plastic surgery procedures that the modern woman is looking for.

  • Rhinoplasty – It is possible to have natural nose surgery (called ศัลยกรรมจมูกธรรมชาติ in Thai) to remove slight bumps or to fill shallows around the nasal area, and with a choice of open or closed rhinoplasty, the desired look can be achieved. There is another treatment that involves injecting medical grade dermal filler under the skin, which improves contours, and when you make an appointment at the clinic, the surgeon would have many before and after images to help you determine your preferred outcome, then a procedure type and date can be scheduled to suit the patient.
  • Breast Augmentation – Many Asian women feel they were blessed with smaller than normal breasts, and this can be remedied with silicone breast implants, with attention paid to shape and size. If you would like to add a few inches to your bust, search online for a reputable plastic surgery clinic, and make an appointment to see the resident surgeon. Before and after images help you to choose the right shape and size, and there are several ways for the surgeon to insert the implants, he can make an incision under the fold of the breast, which will never be visible, or he might recommend armpit incisions, which are equally popular. The surgeon would make a recommendation based on the initial consultation and your requirements.
  • Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty is the technical term for this procedure, which removes that stubborn midriff fat that no amount of exercise seems to eliminate, and when done properly, there would be no visible scarring. Much like the other procedures, the surgeon would examine you and ask a few questions, and if he feels he can deliver your expected outcome, the surgeon would make a recommendation.

If you are less than happy with the shape of your nose, or you would like slightly larger breasts, search online for a reputable plastic surgery clinic, and don’t forget to read the client reviews, as this is a strong indicator of what to expect should you proceed with the treatment.