All you need to know about marijuana dispensaries

The United States has 50 states and out of all these states, marijuana consumption has not been legalized in all of them. There are states that have made it legal to purchase and sell marijuana legally without being considered to be going against the law while others still place certain prohibitions of the plant. However, things are looking good as more and more states make it legal to buy and sell marijuana on a retail basis. If you live in a state where marijuana has been made legal and would wish to buy some, it is highly recommendable that you make your purchase from a licensed marijuana dispensary. At the moment, there are 28 states that allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes and out of these, eight states allow the use of marijuana recreationally. Marijuana dispensaries are usually licensed and regulated to ensure that they supply safe products to consumers. You will find everything you need in these dispensaries if you walk into one.

An overview of the dispensaries operating across the United States

The use of legal marijuana in the United States has a long history that stretches several centuries into the past. There has been a lot of depend into whether marijuana should be made legal or not and fortunately, the debate is being won by fanatic of marijuana. The first medical marijuana dispensary that was open to the public and supplied the drug to people despite marijuana being illegal in the United States was opened in 1992 in San Francisco. The facility was called San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club. The club faced a lot of legal troubles and social stigma over the years but thanks to increased legalization of marijuana, these troubles are now going away gradually.

The first ever recreational dispensary that supplies cannabis to buyers for recreational use is called 3D Cannabis Center. Today, several of these facilities have been opened all over the United States and they exist to serve people with clean and safe marijuana for recreational as well as medicinal purposes.

Marijuana dispensaries are growing in popularity

Americans have been a bit reactant about the idea of legalizing marijuana when compared to other nations such as the Netherlands and other European countries. When legalization is finally being realized, the facilities that sell marijuana are highly regulated and you will find then located in office buildings and retail stores.

From the time that marijuana first became legal, the number of dispensaries that have been set up has been growing by the day. The first recreational dispensary was set up in 2014 and in 2015, Americans spent some $% billion on legal marijuana. That tells you how much the country had been starving for this product.

Medical and recreational dispensaries

In a medical dispensary, a patient has to come with a prescription from the doctor and they are given the drug based on what the doctor prescribed. On the other hand, buyers are allowed to buy marijuana from recreational stores without the need to have a prescription. Dispensaries are usually allowed to grow and produce their own marijuana, but they need a license for that. Dispensaries can also do cannabis delivery.