10 questions about losing virginity

Having sex for the first time is the most anticipated moment in any person’s life- be it a girl or a boy. The shyness about the topic only makes it all the more confusing. However, you need not worry anymore. In this blog, we will answer ten of the most commonly asked questions about losing virginity to make it the most memorable moment of your life!

  • Is bleeding normal during first-time sex?

Bleeding is normal during first time sex. You bleed because your hymen breaks during intercourse. However, you need not worry since it won’t be a lot of blood. Many women do not bleed since the hymens are already broken during various physical activities such as cycling, gymnastics, or riding a horse. You can avoid bleeding by using a water-based lube and a well-lubricated condom.

  • What is the best position for first-time sex?

Though missionary is the most common position, however, you can try whatever makes you comfortable.

  • Will it hurt if you use a condom?

Wearing a condom does not hurt at all. Condoms are necessary during intercourse since they reduce unwanted pregnancies and contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Do all penises fit in a vagina?

It is a myth that not all penises fit into a vagina. Your vagina is designed to push out a seven-pound baby. Proper lubrication and foreplay can help you to make your intercourse smooth, pleasurable, and comfortable.

  • Can you buy condom online?

In case you are a shy person and feel hesitant to visit the medical store to buy a condom, you need not worry. You can easily buy condom online. The best thing is you can choose the flavors you like.

  • How long will your first-time sex last?

It depends from individual to individual. It can last for less than a minute for some people, while it can last up to a few minutes for others.

  • Can you have sex during your period?

The answer is yes. You can have sex while you are on your periods. Having sex during periods helps relieve cramps. However, do not forget to use condoms since you can get pregnant or contract STDs even during your period.

  • How to put on a condom?

You have to pinch the tip of the condom and leave a small amount of space on the top. Slide it down the length of the penis while unrolling.

  • What makes your condom break?

Not using proper lubrication or using old unused condoms can cause the condoms to break. Also, you should roll out the air from the condom properly while putting it on.

  • Is first-time sex special?

First-time sex is always special. Sex is the most intimate form of affection. Hence, it is important that you know the person properly and discuss your comfort zones before having sex.

We hope when it comes to knowing important things about losing virginity, you find this article useful and informative.

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