Why is the nursing industry a good career choice, and why is there a continued demand for workers?

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors as it helps to look after us when we’re ill and keeps us in the best shape. However, the healthcare sector can only operate thanks to the skilled professionals who work within it. While this includes many specific roles, nursing is certainly one that stands out.

Without hard-working nurses in hospitals and clinics, for example, patients would not get the superb levels of care we are all used to. Due to how important they are in society, many people think about nursing when deciding which career path to take. But how do you break into nursing, why does it make such a great option, and why is there a continued demand for trained nurses?

How do you get into nursing as a career? 

It goes without saying that nurses must be fully qualified to care for patients. To begin with, this means that qualifying to work as a nurse is a must. If you fancy moving into registered nursing, the most common methods involve completing an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing. It is also possible to complete less intense training to work as a licensed vocational or practical nurse.

Once you have done this, you can also choose to continue your studies in order to move higher up in nursing. The nursing leadership courses at Baylor University are ideal for this, with the DNP Executive Nursing Leadership course being particularly useful. CCNE is accredited and ranked among the top 10% for DNP programs nationally, it teaches nursing professionals all that they need to know for moving into more senior jobs.

Before you choose to commit to gaining the qualifications needed to work as a nurse though, you might wonder why this effort is worth it. Just what is it about nursing that makes it such a superb career choice?

Great job security and variety of roles 

In the same way as there are some great reasons to consider spa treatments in your personal life, there are some excellent reasons to think about nursing in your professional one.

Nurses, for example, will always be needed. As nurses will always be required to care for patients and help the sick, it is not a career you have to worry about when it comes to job security.

Modern nursing also comes with a huge variety of roles to move into once you are qualified to work. Whether you like helping old people, young people or those with mental health problems, it is easy to find a role that suits you best. While you might start out as a registered nurse helping a range of patients on a daily basis, it is easy to move on over time into the plethora of more specific nursing positions out there.

Good rates of pay 

Although this is not the main reason why most people move into nursing, it is still one factor that makes it a good career choice.

The average salary for a registered nurse in the US is around $68,000 per annum, while a family nurse practitioner can make around $98k each year and a clinical nurse manager can make $85,000 Once you reach even more senior roles such as chief nursing officer, the salary levels rise even higher. This shows that nursing can be a well-paid job, and this is something that is certainly attractive.

Superb job satisfaction 

For many people who think of becoming a nurse, this is the major reason it makes such a great career path. The sense of satisfaction you get from helping people in need and caring for them at their lowest ebb is hard to beat. Many people also think that nursing is such a great career choice because you can make a real difference in the world and use your innate compassion to make it a better place.

Demand for qualified nurses is high 

One of the most appealing reasons to move into this career is the high demand for nurses now. The number of registered nurses in California from 2010 to 2020, for example, rose by 21.56% on average – with states such as Alaska and Kansas seeing similar rates of growth for registered nurses in this period. In addition, the picture looking ahead seems just as bright – with states such as Arizona and Colorado projected to see a big rise in the number of registered nurse roles by 2028.

It is not just registered nurses who are in demand across the industry. Executive-level roles (such as health service managers) are also looking to see growth in the coming years. When you combine all this, it means that nursing is a sector that not only has lots of opportunities but should also be fairly easy to find a job in.

Why is there a demand for qualified nurses? 

The demand for trained nurses is one thing that makes it an exciting career to move into, but why is this a profession in such high demand?

Much of this comes down to the aging population we currently have and the knock-on effect that this has for the healthcare system. As people are now living longer, there are more people to care for in hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers. As a result, more nurses are needed to provide this care.

The demand for nurses that we are seeing now is also down to the need to replace trained nursing professionals who have left the healthcare system recently. As these nurses leave, it leads to a real surge in demand for new ones to replace them. With a growing nursing shortage problem in the US, the search for qualified nurses to address this is underway.

The last major reason for the continued demand for workers in nursing is the constant desire to provide better care for patients. This can only be achieved by recruiting more fully trained workers into nursing who can deliver the highest levels of care.

Nursing remains an excellent career choice 

When you dig down into why we need more qualified nurses and the many reasons why nursing makes a great career choice, it is easy to see why so many people think about moving into it. If you like to help people, then it might just be the job for you.

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