What Should You Expect When Getting A Salon Spray Tan

Exposing your skin under sun for getting a spray tan can look risky. With this procedure, you will look glowing, healthier, and more toned. A spray tan procedure will, in turn make you look and feel ready for summer. Before you get a salon spray tan, there are a few things that you must know about successful accomplishment of the treatment.

Prior to getting a spray tan

  • Exfoliate and moisturize the night prior to getting the tan. Pay good amount of attention to knees, elbows, ankles and other dry areas
  • Paint toenails and nails, so that they do not smudge. You don’t need to use nail polish remover post your tan
  • Wax or shave your feet a minimum of two days before getting the treatment. This enables your pores to get the time to close. Failing to do this may give appearance of dots in the pores.
  • Don’t use perfume and deodorant before getting tan
  • Before getting the procedure, you must take a look at the spray tan prices, so that you get a favorable

At the time of getting spray tan

  • Remove all the makeup as it can react to the spray. Only moisturize your skin if it has got dry as it can block the tan.
  • Remove all the jewelry that you are wearing.
  • To get maximum benefits from your tan procedure, it is important to expose your skin. You can get paper pants from the salon.
  • Follow the instructions on how you should stand. It can be “left arm up, and right arm forward while bending your knees”. You can ask your therapist to guide you on the best position to get maximum benefit from the spray procedure.

Post spray tan procedure

  • Wear dark and loose clothes post completion of the treatment. Tight clothes can put you under discomfort and can even cause marks
  • Wear loose-fitting shoes or flip-flops
  • Do not take shower for a minimum of 8 hours post tan procedure
  • It is advised not to swim or exercise during the development period
  • Pat your skin with a soft towel after taking a shower
  • Don’t take long baths as it can impact on the longevity of the tan


There are mainly two ways to achieve that bronzed glow.  The “do it yourself” tan or a spray tan at salon. A better planning in advance will help you get the best out from your treatment.

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