What Happens if you Ignore the Need for a Root Canal?

Sometimes, general decay or trauma can lead to infections in the tooth’s nerve and blood supply. Serious infections usually warrant the need for a root canal therapy. This procedure involves removing the pulp, cleaning and filling the empty space and sealing the tooth. It is common to ignore a tooth that needs a root canal because of the pain that people think that comes with therapy. However, a root canal can prevent bigger issues with your smile in the future. Ignoring the need for this therapy can usually lead to the following situations:

Bacteria Thrive

A tooth’s nerve and blood supply damaged due to an infection or injury can die off and bacteria will feast the dead tissue. Once the bacteria settle in, they will reproduce and multiply. Normally, the body will fight off the infection by sending in white blood cells. However, the blood supply is the main pathway to make this happen. Because there is no longer blood supply, it won’t be possible for the cells to reach the infected site, leaving bacteria to thrive.

The Infection Spreads to Other Parts

When you ignore a damaged pulp or infected tooth, it is easy for bacteria to spread into between the tooth and jaw. This leads to abscess formation. Sometimes, the infection leads to bone loss around the root’s tip. In some cases, the infection may erupt through the tooth, allowing bacteria to drain and reach the cheek and gum parts. This leads to swelling that can spread to the neck, face and head.

The Infected Tooth Must be Removed

It is likely for the infected tooth to be removed to remove the infected pulp. A root canal therapy is important to save your tooth. The procedure cleans and seals the root canals and pulp chamber.

These uncomfortable situations and the pain associated with them can force patients to seek emergency dental care. Patients who experience these issues may also find it difficult to chew since any activity puts pressure on the infected tissues.

Leaving an infected tooth untreated can impact the surrounding soft tissues and adjacent teeth, causing serious discomforts and other complications. To maintain a good dental health, make sure you get the root canal that you need. Be aware that current technologies and techniques have enabled dentists to complete the procedure with your comfort in mind. Look for a dentist who specializes in this therapy. A lot of them also cater patients who need Invisible Braces, dental implants and crowns.