Top Do’s and Don’ts to Follow If You are Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction

Men often face problem to speak about erection problem openly. Erectile dysfunction is defined as a problem to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to enjoy or have satisfying sex. ED is a very common disease, and men ages above 40 often tend to experience ED once in their lifetime. Erectile dysfunction doesn’t automatically come with age. People at the age of 60 can enjoy sex, though it will not be the same as having sex at 20. There are several do’s and don’ts that you need to follow if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction.

  • The reason behind the risk of having erectile dysfunction increases with age is because with the increase of age several diseases occur. Various medical issues are associated with erectile dysfunction; the doctor will perform a medical examination to identify the underlying cause.
  • Don’t smoke, as smoking can cause erectile dysfunction in the long run. The nicotine affects the constriction of blood vessels that are needed to achieve an erection. Therefore, quitting smoking will be helpful to get an erection.
  • A healthy diet is a compulsory way to deal with erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that obesity and high cholesterol level are often linked to ED. A proper diet and exercise help to maintain a good weight and thereby cures erectile disorders.
  • A healthy heart is also very important to prevent erectile dysfunction. To maintain a healthy heart, an ideal diet plan is required which involves eating lots of vegetables, fruits, and plenty of whole grains.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol can interfere with your ability to achieve an erection at almost any age. Therefore, limit your consumption of alcohol as it is one of the important factors which triggers ED.
  • Regular exercise of 20-30 minutes a day is a great medicine to your overall health. Exercising improves the blood flow to every part of your body including the pelvic region. It results in the improvement of sexual performance by building up your stamina and lowering of blood pressure.
  • Stress and anxiety both adversely affect your sexual life and are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. These feelings result in affecting your sexual performance and thereby causing ED. Stress could be anything such as family-related stress, work-related stress, fear from bad experiences of sex in the past, or poor communication.

If all these do’s and don’ts are followed properly along with proper medication such as generic Cialis, you could achieve the desired results and recover yourself from erectile dysfunction.

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