Rhinoplasty Surgery – Purpose and Proper procedures

Surgical reshaping of the nose refers to Rhinoplasty, which helps in changing the outward appearance of the nose. Today, it has become the most common plus rewarding cosmetic surgery procedure for remodeling the nose. Due to the high popularity of nose surgery, young teens to people upwards of 60 become part of a nose job.

Why is nose surgery done?

A nose job is a cosmetic surgery that helps in changing the shape of the nose. The motivation of the nose surgery is to improve the appearance of the nose plus breathing function. Cosmetic surgery of the nose can change its shape, size, or even proportions of your nose. It can be performed to repair the deformities from birth, injury, and improve some breathing difficulties.

Is there any risk while performing it?

If you are not visiting the correct surgeon for the nose job, then you may have to face severe difficulties after the treatment. The common risks related to a nose surgery are:

  • Infection
  • Difficulty while breathing through the treated nose.
  • Swelling, pain, or discoloration that may persist.
  • Scarring.
  • Bleeding.
  • Numbness around your nose.
  • An adverse reaction to anesthesia

How to prepare for it- cosmetic nose job?

Before scheduling for nose surgery, you must meet the topmost surgeon and discuss some important factors. It can help you to determine whether the operation will work for you or not.

Some essential things which the discussion must include:

  • Medical history: The primary question commonly asked by the doctor is about your motivation and goals for the surgery. Some of the questions asked by the surgeon include your medical history, history of nasal obstruction, medications, operations, and many more are.
  • Physical examination: The surgeon will conduct a complete physical analysis which includes laboratory tests, blood tests, and many more. Even the facial features get examined involving the internal and external of your nose.
  • Photographs: Someone from the clinic will take pictures of your nose from different angles. It will help them to determine what changes are possible for your nose surgery. The surgeon can use the computer software to show what kinds of results will look good on your nose.

What is the cost of a Nose job?       

The cost of nose job depends on the surgeon’s training, the complexity of the surgery, geography, and many more. You can ask the price with your surgeon before the cosmetic surgery.

Is Rhinoplasty a simple operation for nose surgery?

Sometimes Rhinoplasty can prove to be a challenging operation. There can be several factors responsible for the risks related to the cosmetic surgery of the nose. The nose is a complicated 3D shape that lies in between the middle of the face.

Generally, all surgeries have pros and cons related to them. Fortunately, there are small risks or complications associated with a nose job. Before starting the treatment, you can consult your doctor who can tell you about the risks and benefits.