Reset Your Mind and Restore Your Body in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Despite existing since the mid-50s, sensory deprivation tanks have hardly received mainstream attention and have only very recently seen a spike, thanks to celebrity advocates and just a general realisation that the tank actually provides a number of benefits. As tanks continue to pop up around the world, it’s becoming easier and easier to live the experience.

The sensory deprivation tank is as much a physical therapy as it is a meditation, allowing floaters to completely close themselves off from the physical world and all of its distractions and quite literally depriving you of your sense.

How Does it Work?

The tank is simply filled with roughly 1000 litres of water and then 500 kilograms of salt, allowing individuals to effortlessly float on the surface, and the buoyancy created by the mixture makes it impossible to sink.

The sensory deprivation tank puts you in a completely sealed environment void of sound and light. The flotation properties combined with the temperature of the water, which is the exact temperature of your body, eventually removes physical senses of feeling once you begin to let go. Sensory deprivation in Perth provides you with a wonderfully relaxing experience that allows you to completely disconnect from life’s daily distractions.

Benefits Are Both Mental and Physical

The floating experience is completely effortless and aims to completely remove all physical tension. While you might feel relaxed sitting in a chair, these positions still put a considerable amount of strain on your body, from the pressure of simply resting up against an object to needing to hold up your head or adjust your posture. The point is that this is not a total relaxation.

Sensory deprivation relieves all of the pressure, allowing your muscles, your joints, and all other aspects of the body to relax on a whole new level. This is why athletes and older individuals struggling with physical ailments often float. These tanks also increase circulation and the magnesium absorption from the salt water can be beneficial as well.

The physical relief is a stress-reliever in itself but the meditative properties of the deprivation tank mean that you can reduce anxiety and depression tendencies. Meditation is a common catalyst for creativity and you can use the deprivation tank to work out ideas and explore your mind more than ever before.

Sensory Deprivation Is a Practice

People often fear being alone with their thoughts but increased understanding and a little courage can help you experience the benefits of floating. Sensory deprivation puts you in a quiet environment completely deprived of stimulation, allowing you to completely take a break. With a little practice, even during the first float, your thoughts will begin to quiet as well.

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