Questions Troubling Your Mind Regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy Answered

Hormones are chemical substances secreted by the endocrine glands. They control and coordinate activities throughout the human body. They are responsible for reproduction, sexual characteristics and a person’s growth and development. A small change in the level of hormones trigger severe reaction in the body. Certain hormones affect only a couple of organs while some cause changes all over the body.

Everyone go through hormone imbalance at some point in life. Either the hormone level gets low or high in the bloodstream. This would impact many body functions. Hormones regulate

  • Sleep cycle
  • Heart rate
  • Metabolism
  • Reproductive cycles
  • Sexual function

Bioidentical hormone therapy is used to treat hormone imbalances. If you are frazzled and tired a lot, it’s time to consider hormone therapy. It’s understandable that your mind keeps buzzing with questions. It’s natural to have doubts if this therapy is the answer for your condition. Let us delve into the common questions asked.

Is this therapy necessary during menopause? Can I go through it the natural way instead?

Every woman undergoes menopause differently. Some have more difficulty navigating menopause years with its symptoms. Some don’t require hormonal therapies. It is possible to balance your hormones naturally but it can get time-consuming. You need to make changes in your lifestyle, stay committed to the changes and be patient. Going thought it naturally however wouldn’t prove beneficial for those with more discomfort. Combating menopause symptoms naturally wouldn’t work well for everyone.

Who requires hormone replacement therapy?

  • Those who have low bone mass
  • Those with premature menopause (before the age of 40)
  • Experiencing moderate to severe menopause symptoms

Are hormone therapies safe?

It is proven that many women have been treated successfully. Apart from balancing your hormone levels, it also offers more health benefits. Your doctor would examine your blood reports and ask about your family history and let you know if you are ideal to go through hormone therapy. The risks of the therapy depend on your medical history and your family’s medical history.

Will the therapy be covered by insurance?

Since it is not yet approved by FDA, this would not be covered by the insurance companies.

Possible side effects:

  • Weight gain
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Spotting
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Increased facial hair growth for women

Hormone Replacement therapies alleviate thyroid conditions, reduces the risk of diabetes and certain cancers and improves your mood. Though it has potential side effects, its benefits outweigh its side effects.