Pros of TMS therapy Seattle

Are you planning to start TSM (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy? Then this is the best move since this process has a lot of pros. For instance, TMS therapy Seattle is ideal for depression treatment. This is because it is not linked with most side effects of sexual issues, weight gain, memory loss and sleepiness. Additionally, the process doesn’t involve sedation or surgery since it’s a noninvasive process. Here are some of the pros of TSM therapy you should know.

A Higher Success Rate

The most exciting part about TMS therapy Seattle is that it’s a medication that works. Conventional treatment for depression tends to have a lower success as they don’t offer adequate relief. Many studies have indicated that TSM has a 68% success rate compared to the 37.5% rate for medication.

Long Term Results

TMS therapy Seattle is not the same as the medicine based treatment since the results stay longer after the treatment is complete. That’s in contrast to medications where a patient has to stay on them indefinitely to avoid the risk of relapse or discontinuation syndrome.

Safety/Minimal Side Effects

As a non-invasive treatment, TSM is safer than all antidepressant medications. Note that medications are ingested, and so they have systemic and diffuse reactions through the whole body. This leads to a broad range of side effects such as fatigue, weight gain, nausea, drowsiness, memory loss, sexual issues, apathy and insomnia. Even though TSM is not side effect free, the noninvasive approach makes it safer with fewer side effects such as minor headaches, scalp discomfort during stimulation and lightheadedness. The best thing is that those side effects last a few minutes immediately, the process has been completed.

Theta Burst Stimulation

Improvement in technology has introduced new TSM equipment to pulse the magnet at various frequencies that the brain can adapt to. TBS (Theta Burst Stimulation) is one of the frequencies we are talking about. TBS is a short iteration that tends to have equal effectiveness compared to older protocols.

Insurance Cover

Even though the criteria for the insurance coverage might be stringent based on a specific insurance company, TMS therapy Seattle can be covered by an insurance policy. If you’re not sure about specific insurance, you can contact the office for more information.

It is Not ECT

While treatment such as electroconvulsive therapy has proved to be effective, the improvements made are short term and need medication to uphold the beneficial impacts. Many patients have reported difficulties remembering and retaining new details. They also complain of post- medication side effects like headache, confusion, muscle aches and nausea. Patients also complained of long term memory loss that might be referenced to the intensity of the bureaucratic inducement of seizures and general anesthesia.

An Effective Treatment

The efficacy of TMS therapy has increased tremendously due to the introduction of new treatment parameters. The treatment has proved to be effective for patients whose prior attempts to cure their depressions via traditional methods.