Dark eye circles appear due to the blue blood vessels that are under the eyes. The skin in this area is quite thin and if adequate care is not taken, the blood vessels become prominent giving the impression of dark

Cannabis is also known as marijuana used worldwide in the treatment of various medical conditions. It is a fast growing and flowering plant native to Indian subcontinent and Asia. Earlier, it was cultivated to be used in spiritual and textile

Primarily, acne also known as pimple starts appearing at puberty i.e. teen age. It is an inflammatory condition of skin in which excessive sebum is produced in the pores. Black or whiteheads are formed due to accumulation of sebum and

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you need to learn more about where you stand with respect to treatment. Treatment is contingent on the phase of cancer that you are experiencing, as well as your general health overall.

Daily stress, unexpected events, and frustrations are some of the reasons why you may feel low. Feeling low means being moody and it cannot be easy to lift your mood in an instant. Although a mood change can happen if

Yoga is associated with reducing stress as well as boosting your flexibility. The practice is also vital in improving your health. Here are the various health benefits you can gain upon engaging in the practice. Better sleep Continuous practice of