Online therapy for teens – Is it a good idea?

For the majority of teenagers, setting an appointment with a therapist in an office environment and speaking about their feelings is never too enticing. But if the same teens are said to meet an online therapist on the web, they may find the idea interesting enough. However, something that parents are worried about is whether or not online therapy for the teenagers is a good idea. There are proofs of the fact that speaking to an expert mental health professional over the web could be beneficial for teenagers.

Online therapy resources such as have listed many of these benefits, along with the best counseling services, one of which is BetterHelp – a leader in online therapy. However, before taking the plunge, it is vital for you to know the potential risks to properly evaluate the nature of online therapy.

Is online therapy effective enough?

Though therapy based on the web is rather new, the result of the research is pretty positive. Studies reveal that the adolescents are receptive enough about speaking and sharing their mental health issues over the internet. According to the result of a study, 75% of the teenagers and adolescents said that they find it extremely comfortable to access online therapy whenever they went through any mental health issue. 35% chose online therapy over in-person meetings.

There are some other teenagers who prefer speaking about sensitive issues like sexual issues to online therapists. There are several other issues like bullying, peer conflict and general guidance, face-to-face therapy is preferred.

Are there any benefits of online therapy for the teens?

There are multiple reasons behind why you should choose online therapy for the teens as against conventional therapy.

  • Teens are more comfortable about internet

Majority of the teens enjoy the idea of online chatting and hence seeking help of an online therapist will not seem to be like a therapy for them.

  • Online therapy is a more convenient option

Online therapy can save your time as you don’t require driving to the office of the therapist. For the teens who reside in rural areas, making online appointments seem to be much easier.

  • No stigma attached to it

There are many teens who feel embarrassed regarding meeting a therapist as they think that their friends will get to know about it. Hence, they love the secrecy and privacy about online therapy.

So, when you have a teen at home who has been hesitating to seek help of a counselor, opt for online therapy so that you can reap the benefits.