New Dispensary Franchise Opening in Eastern Massachusetts

Founded by Tejal and Priyanka Patel, Uma Flowers is a family-owned operation with women at the helm. The two founders started the business to challenge healthcare as we know it and the two have big plans to help people incorporate more natural remedies into their daily routines.

This is an exciting time as they get ready to open two new dispensaries in Pepperell and Waltham, Massachusetts. We’ll look at what this company stands for and why they’re poised to make big waves in the cannabis space.

Two Locations: One Larger Mission

Uma Flowers will open two locations. One in Pepperell for adult-use cannabis and one in Waltham for medical and adult-use cannabis. At both locations, Uma Flowers will sell safe, pure, and clean products to ensure quality for each and every customer.

Meet the Founders

After Priyanka Patel spent 10 years as a retail pharmacist and Tejal earned her master’s in public health, the pair sought to help patients restore wellness naturally. In a world where prescriptions are the norm, the Patels saw a way to merge their backgrounds and create a new kind of dispensary.

This industry is largely stocked by men, leaving major gaps in both the knowledge and the expertise that is forming cannabis as we know it today. The Patels are proud to be independent women with strong educations who can give customers what they need. They have a clear vision of what their company can and should be. Uma Flowers is 100% family-owned, meaning the owners and staff don’t have to answer to stakeholders or investors. Their priority is quality service as opposed to profit margins.

Big Plans Ahead

Uma Flowers has chosen its locations so it can be a strong part of the community without overstepping its boundaries. From its proximity to schools to the number of parking spaces available, the founders have thought about how their choices impact both their customers and neighbors.

Uma Flowers was given a Host Community Agreement and Special Permit that allowed its staff to secure around 10 acres of land for its 15,000 sq/ft cultivation facility. Adding up to 30 jobs to Athol with plans for outdoor expansion during phase 2, Uma Flowers is adding value wherever and whenever possible.

When it comes to the cultivation of their products, Tejal and Priyanka Patel promote simplicity through proven cultural practices that allow plants to flourish so they can yield the most effective products. The environmentally friendly practices and vast array of cultivation knowledge makes for the purity that these two entrepreneurs are known for.

Independent Testing

The Patels are confident in what they have to offer, but they want to be able to guarantee what they sell. That’s why their fully grown plants will be sent to an independent (and fully licensed) testing lab to ensure that they’re as safe, clean, and pure as the label suggests they are. Only when they’re approved will they be packaged and sent to either location or to select retail partners.

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