Can You Smoke Your Weed Stems Too?

If weed stems are all that is left in your weed bowl, then you’ve taken all the good stuff already. As tempting as it can be to smoke the leftover stems, it can be a gray area for starters. For instance, you buy a cheap weed shake flower from a “Buy weed Online” store, you will likely be left with more stem after smoking the deal. But unfortunately, these stems contain almost no THC.

Weed stems are the small, stick-looking piece that weed flowers are attached around. Should you decide to smoke them, you might have some adverse side effects; It’s obviously not worth it. They will not get you high as they contain little or no THC, but you could end up coughing, have severe headaches or sore throats.

Now here is it; can you smoke your weed stems? Yes. Should you smoke them? No! it tastes like smoking wood chips.

Then What Should You Do With Weed Stems?

Waste not, not not, isn’t it?

Although weed stems are not worth smoking, they aren’t entirely useless. Have you considered eating them? Oh yeah! Eat them

Here are some appetizing ways to consume your weed stems:

  1. Make them into butter.

Everyone likes butter. Cannabutter, they call it. Although the stems won’t add any real effect to the final product, you tend to enjoy your cooking or meals with cannabis-fragranced butter and that exquisite taste of weed. Below is how to:

  • Buy weed online at weed-deals (that’s where you can get it quality and affordable)
  • Suspend your stems to heat at 107C for about 45 minutes (Decarboxylate). Let it cool, then grind.
  • Pour some butter into a pan and allow it to melt completely over low heat.
  • Add the grounded stems and let it simmer for around 25 minutes. (Stir often)
  • Strain the mixture over a cheesecloth while it is hot.
  • Finally, let the butter cool. There you have your
  1. Infuse in coconut oil to make cream recipes

Much like the Cannabutter, you can decarboxylate your weed stems into lip balms, gloss, and lotions. Below is how to:

  • Decarboxylate weed stems with about 7 – 10 grams of dried cannabis.
  • Add to hot coconut oil and allow it to simmer for a bit.
  • After cooling, you have a recipe for hair growth creams, lip balms, and even body lotions.
  1. Brew some tea out of it

Another exciting product of the weed stem is the stem tea; cannabis-infused tea, call it Cannatea. Here is how to brew your tea out of those stems:

  • Decarboxylate the stems and let them cool off.
  • Grind the decarboxylated stems
  • Pour ground stems in a tea diffuser and let them simmer in boiling water for 10 to 12 minutes. If you don’t own a diffuser, you can pour the ground stem in a pot of boiling water and then filter out the stems’ remnant when done. There you have your tea!

Bottom line

It will do you no good but hurt you to smoke those weed stem, but they are no total waste. When you buy that cheap weed again, store the stems in a jar and get creative with them.

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