Breakfast & Dinner Timing – Surprising Way to Greater Fat Loss

Some of the best ways to lose belly fat are presented in the accompanying infographic. Most noteworthy, the strategies in that infographic can be augmented to get more fat loss. One such method is to adjust the time you have breakfast and dinner.

In a recent small study, breakfast was delayed by 90 minutes and dinner was 90 minutes earlier than usual. Furthermore, in this reduced time between breakfast and dinner, the study participants could eat as much and as often as they liked.

Most of all, this new eating schedule resulted in a 25% reduction in a participant’s daily calorie consumption. In addition, the participants lost more than twice as much body fat as someone in the control group following an unrestricted eating schedule.

Most noteworthy, these benefits are attributed to the reduced feeding time. And the reduced feeding time causes you to eat food at times best suited to your body’s daily metabolic rhythm. In addition, the daily fasting period (the time between dinner and breakfast) becomes longer.

However, in real life, family, work, and social life may not allow such drastic changes in breakfast and dinner times for everyone. But some can adjust the times for breakfast and/or dinner. And these people are rewarded by greater fat loss than those following the unrestricted eating schedule.