5 Awesome Tips For Better Cannabis Packaging

The cannabis industry is expanding at an exponential rate in the US. With 33 states approving medical cannabis and more than 10 states making way for recreational cannabis, the market is set to boom. If you own a state-licensed dispensary or plan to launch one, among the first things that would need your attention is the range of products. From edibles to tinctures, flowers and concentrates, there is a wide selection of cannabis items, and to sell those items effectively to medical cannabis users, you need to focus on packaging too.

Thankfully, there are companies that cater to cannabis dispensaries, and all sorts of packaging, such as weed jars and edible packets. In this post, we are discussing more on how to make cannabis packaging more appealing.

  • Freshness first. Keep in mind that cannabis users are typically very particular about the aroma & flavor of the product, and therefore, packaging material or box has to retain that. While going fancy and fun with packaging is never a bad idea, this is an aspect that is definitely not worth compromising with.
  • Better packaging doesn’t mean more. In case of dried and cured flowers, exposing the same to oxygen can degrade the potency, and that’s something to consider while opting for packaging. The best companies are now using nitrogen gas inside the package before sealing, which delays the process of oxidation.
  • Go the sustainable way. Consumers are more wary and particular about their choices today than ever before, and it is wise and critical to consider green and sustainable packaging where possible. There are packaging companies that can help in finding solutions for custom products, which can be handy.

  • Think of labeling in detail. From potency and THC content, with other relevant details, packaging should have the right kind of label. Compliance is definitely a factor, but even buyers want to know more about the cannabis product they are buying.
  • Keep it simple, stupid. The standard new trend in packaging is to follow the KISS rule, where things are minimal and simple. When you look for product jars, boxes and packaging material, ensure that you don’t stuff too many details. Let your cannabis product talk for itself.

These are just a few basics for selecting cannabis product packaging. Do your homework, find what the target audience wants, and take a call based on the range or kind of brand you wish to establish.

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