Reasons Why You Should Prefer Invisible Braces Over The Traditional Ones

Does the thought of getting your teeth braced cringes you, making you wonder how geeky you would look? Thanks to the advancement in dentistry, now we do have a means to align your teeth by putting on braces which are totally invisible. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? While you might still get second thoughts on this, so that’s why we have complied a set of reasons on why you should prefer using invisible braces.

Pros of Invisible Braces-

  1. Nurtured teeth and gums

Invisible braces keeps your teeth and gums healthier than ever.

  1. A better smile than before

It casts a better smile with much lesser social stigma of metal-mouth.

  1. Easier to maintain

While it might also come to notice that straight teeth are much convenient to maintain than the crooked teeth.

  1. As the name suggests, they are virtually invisible

These braces are virtually invisible, which would save you the embarrassment that the traditional braces look when you put them on.

  1. Truly customizable

They provide an ability to customize your braces according to your preference.

  1. Comfortable to wear

They are smooth, comfortable to wear and they are patented thermoplastic braces.

  1. Easier maintenance

It is much easier to take care of these braces, convenient to clean, can be easily detached when you are eating or cleaning.

  1. No restrictions/rules on food

The biggest advantage of invisible braces is there is no restriction on food. You can eat whatever you want, this would never obstruct the working of your invisible braces.

When Compared to Traditional Braces-

  1. Require certain equipment to put it on

Traditional braces need brackets and wires to install it.

  1. Causes irritation

The wires in the traditional braces usually pokes and annoys the mouth.

  1. Makes it harder for the proper maintenance of teeth

Traditional braces make it harder to brush and floss the teeth properly.

  1. A lot of food restrictions

It carries a lot of food restrictions which sometimes spoils our appetite

  1. Easily breakable

They are not durable. They can easily break while being worn. They can cause serious damage to our gums.

  1. Shots a geeky look, harms the self-esteem

It emits the social stigma of metal-teeth look, lowers the self-esteem, confidence as the metal-mouth look seems like an embarrassment to the bearer which eventually causes anxiety amongst teens and adults alike.

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