Inserve eHealth provides full technical support and maintenance of all our projects. Modern world realities demand  rapid response to ever-changing conditions and new requirements, as well as systems which provide uninterrupted operation, are expandable and scalable, and offer protection against data loss and provision for disaster recovery. The more complex and crucial the business system, the more vital the need for reliable technical support.


Technical support and maintenance includes:


  • Operational bug fixes
  • New report development
  • Software updating in accordance with  changes in customer requirements
  • Administration, support for database management systems, database archiving backup, disaster recovery, the timely identification of system "bottlenecks" and the formulation of proposals to address them
  • End-user consultation Hotline
  • Ongoing and additional training


Agreements on technical support and maintenance entered into by  the Customer and the Provider are regulated by the service level agreement (SLA). The agreement includes a description of all services, rights and obligations of  both parties and, importantly, what constitutes a consistent level of service quality. ”Service Desk” quality control monitoring software is used to ensure satisfactory customer support and commercial transparency.