The team at Inserve eHealth is composed of professionals drawn from across the health care spectrum. Our doctors, medical specialists, and engineers in the fields of software, infrastructure, and information security take a unified approach to the task of providing our clients working in national health care with the IT solutions they seek.

Our consultants specialize in the following areas:



Our professional eHealth Consultants will  audit the current status and capacity of the national healthcare system for e-health – digitized healthcare delivery and data management. Using these results, we may recommend:


1. The eHealth conceptual model on the national level, which includes 

  • a context-sensitive set of health care development guidelines and objectives for a national healthcare management plan, realizable with the implementation of an eHealth system
  • a breakdown of measurable, systematized outcomes
  • an itemization of eHealth components tailored to local needs and responsive to the local level of eHealth preparedness
  • recommendations for  the implementation of  a national eHealth system.


2. National Action Plan for the implementation of eHealth, reflecting the country's eHealth priorities. The National Action Plan for the adoption of eHealth outlines the steps required for the realization of eHealth system, laying out key activities and resources necessary for successful implementation.

The action plan allows the government to identify all the components, as well as the management, finance, and coordination mechanisms that best produce results at the national, state, regional, and local levels.


3. An eHealth monitoring and evaluation plan.



  • Audit of IT infrastructure
  • Development of IT strategy
  • IT Service Management
  • Analysis of the IT function
  • Analysis of IT costs
  • Business Continuity
  • General IT service centers
  • Optimization of IT architecture


We are improving the skills and knowledge replenish on a daily basis in our projects and therefore we can provide our customers with efficient service for the transfer of knowledge for the realization of their projects.