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Our company is a united team of professionals in a wide spectrum of health care. Thanks to the joint work of doctors and medical experts, engineers in the field of software, infrastructure and protection of the information we achieve effective results in IT projects at the national level in the field of health.

The main advantages of our Company:

  • In the development of software products, we are guided by international best practices, based on the modern tools and technologies and provide our products meet international standards, directives and regulations
  • The company has a full production cycle of software, which includes all of the standard stages from the idea to the implementation of the final product to the customer. The production processes are built according to the standards ...
  • The Company has allocated single center of project management (PMO - Project Management Office), providing centralized coordination and control of the project management. The main purpose of PMO is to provide activities that ensure the successful implementation of projects and increase the efficiency of the Company. In its activities PMO is guided by the methodology adopted by IPMA
  • For us is very important the quality of our products. Therefore, we have allocated a separate quality management office (QMO), which is responsible for the organization and use of the software testing process. Testers are involved at all stages of the project
  • In the development of software products, we follow the principles of complexity and integration. Therefore, all our products are integrated with each other and complement each other
  • Our Company focuses attention to the selection of professional staff and their development. Most of our employees are certified in various areas of software development
  • Franck Droin has 18 years experience consulting in the healthcare and social protection sectors, on everything from strategy elaboration to project implementation. He has provided strategic support, designing a risk management system for a major French health insurance operator that covers more than 6 million policy-holders. His experience includes collaborations on a global scale - the development of a social health insurance mechanism for the International Labor Organization (ILO).

    Franck Droin (France)

  • Dan Oppenheim is a graduate of the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, and possesses a Master of Sciences in Medical Administration and Community Medicine from London University. He has worked in the hospital and community setting for more than 25 years. For more than two decades Dan has served as CEO and Medical Director of Israel’s largest public-academic medical center the Rabin Medical Center, and more recently, the Herzliya Medical. In Israel, he is the coordinator of a course on Hospital Planning Strategy conducted at the university research level.

    Prof. Dan Oppenheim (Israel)

  • Caroline Mascret has, since 2007, held the post of Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Regulations, Pharmacy Labor Law and Regulatory Affairs for the Health Industry at the Chatenay-Malabry University, Paris Pharmacy Department. She had previously worked for the French Agency for Health Product Safety (AFSSAPS), and from 2005 through 2012, as adviser to the Director on Health Products Issues at the French Health Agency. She has extensive experience in European Pharmaceutical Regulation as a contributor to the European Commission working groups on drug policy.

    Caroline Mascret(France)

  • Jean-Jacques ZAMBROWSKI is leading a Doctoral program on Healthcare Management, Regulatory, Health Law, Health Economics and Health Policies at Paris Descartes University, France. He serves as expert for several public and institutional organizations, both in France and in European Union (French Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, European Commission), especially for French National Board of Physician and National Board of Pharmacists, Federation of French Hospitals, Confederation of French Medical Unions, Federation of French Unions of Pharmacists.

    Prof.Jean-Jacques Zambrowski(France)

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The team at Inserve eHealth is composed of professionals drawn from across the health care spectrum.

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Our company is dedicated to providing the highest quality professional service in the implementation of our software products

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System integration

System integration describes a raft of services that establish and support effective information system interaction in an IT infrastructure

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A vital factor in the successful implementation of information systems is the training of end-users and administrators

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Inserve eHealth provides full technical support and maintenance of all our projects

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